Carola Vyhnak


A little about me

During more than 40 years as a professional journalist, I've gravitated toward stories about people and life off the beaten path. But I've done the serious stuff too: police shootings, environmental calamities, mob scenes, train derailments, homophobia, murder trials and tragic love triangles. Whatever the subject, I hope to make the reader feel something. 

I joined the Toronto Star, Canada's largest daily newspaper, in 1976 after completing a three-year journalism program at Centennial College in Toronto.

Over the years I worked as a reporter, feature writer, copy editor, diversity editor and manager or editor for a variety of departments including fashion, life, condo living, special sections, and the paper's internship programs. For the past several years, I’ve used photography to illustrate and enhance some of my written work. 

In 2012 I left my staff position at the Star to become a freelance journalist, producing regular material for the paper's print, online and digital platforms.  

For me, storytelling is a passion, whether it deals with events, the natural world or, to borrow a phrase from an old TV show, "people caught in the act of being themselves." Curiosity, creativity and versatility ensure there are few topics or interest areas I haven’t covered through writing or editing.  


"Fantastic writer."
- Wheels editor emeritus Norris McDonald


"Smart and creative, Carola infuses her dynamic presence into every assignment.  Her writing flows with the knowledge and experience of a veteran journalist while also captivating the reader - and editor - with clever, entertaining prose."

- Jane Van Der Voort, Toronto Star New in Homes & Condos editor

"A talented writer who can pump up the pathos or tickle the funny bone."
- Scott Colby, Toronto Star opinions editor and former assignment editor

"Carola was a very influential editor at the Toronto Star displaying impressive leadership talents and management confidence. She is an accomplished freelance writer since retiring from The Star with an intelligent and entertaining writing style that immediately grabs the reader and keeps their interest to the last word."

- Patrick Brennan, travel writer and retired national newspaper journalist